MAGAZIN - was found by Nikara, Almaty born, fashion loving women and hard working mother of four boys. Careful observations during the past many years and curiosity about New world of fashion and of course cutting-edge taste in clothing lead her to establish in 2015 trendy multi brand spot, named - «MAGAZIN» which became in a very short period the «must visit» place for sophisticated customer.

MAGAZIN - located in one of the oldest and prestigious districts of Almaty. It consists of 500 square meters of full of natural light shop-floor space.

MAGAZIN - mainly specialises in the conceptual brands of young designers, popular in Europe and the United States. Today MAGAZIN presents a collection of more than 15 well known brands from Italy, Spain, France, England the USA and Russia.

The mission and purpose of MAGAZIN - is to be a leader in the ready to wear, unique, exclusive, feminine, fabulous clothing styles!

What distinguishes MAGAZIN from others- it’s always a perfect fit, outstanding quality, great service and variety of provided models that sure to be in the wardrobe for more than one season.

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